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With a few one-star reviews, I was a bit hestiant to order this. Now, after two weeks of use (10 runs of 2 to 2.5 miles each), I have no regrets with the purchase whatsoever. I haven't had any of the problems reported by any of the one-star reviewers. It syncs to the satellite in a reasonable* amount of time, seems to track my pace very well, tracks distance well, and the heart rate monitor seems WAY more accurate than the dedicated exercise machines at my local gym. *by reasonable, it does take a minute or two to sync to the satellites each time. That's the only thing I could possibly think of improving, but it's not a big deal. Being the super-impatient person I am, I often turn on the watch, set it on my front porch, go back in and change into my running outfit, and by the time I come back out it's ready to go. I haven't seen the pacing issues others have reported. I'm a beginning runner but if I keep a solid pace it reports about 10mins/mile if I push a little harder about 9mins/mile if I let up about 11mins/mile. It seems very consistent over my entire 2-2.5 mile run. I have a 2.1 mile run where I've done the same exact route about 6 times and when I compare the maps of each run they overlap almost exactly. I have thyroid and heart issues, and this watch gives me the confidence to know I'm not exceeding my max hr for too long (I can easily get into the 180 s) and gives me the feedback and stats to keep me motivated. Last but not least, I've bought dozens and dozens of items from Amazon over the years, and this is the first review I've taken the time to write hope that gives you an indication of how happy I am with this product.

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