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My wife has been pestering me for mothns to replace my PDA-based GPS kluge (with the mechanized, unintelligibly-synthesized voice) with something more modern and socially acceptable. I proudly presented to her this latest toy to fulfill her wish. Although more than I thought I should pay for such a ubiquitous device, the high-rating and cheaper refurbished version made it an acceptable expenditure. It has certainly lived up to the expected reputation for ease of use and accuracy. So far, I have found every location quickly. On occasion it does seem to route me through a distant U-turn where a preceding left would obviously have sufficed but it always gets me there. The Points of Interest library is the one feature that has transformed me from a lost loser to a trail-blazing hero. I can always find the bank, shopping mall or grocery store, which my persnickety wife craves on a whim. Not only does it boost my confidence and makes my thinning hair seem inexplicably more verile but supports the theory that the memory of this device has the most current data available. There are two drawbacks, which, fortunately as the operator, only I am aware of. First, the unit takes about half a minute to first acquire satellite synchronization, not so significant. The second is more egregious: the screen-based, touch-sensitive keyboard meant for data entry is laid out in alphabetical order instead of QWERTY fashion like the typewriters or computers that have been used for this purpose since the time of Hadrian. Even a Dvorak layout would have been preferable to this abomination. I know I shouldn't but now typing while driving is even thrice as dangerous!However, the interface otherwise is very intuitive and the unit covers all basic settings and features that I have seen and expect. As GPS units go this is the best value I could find. A definite improvement over asking directions, perish the thought!

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