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I'm really einnyjog this watch. Had a Forerunner 50 that was working fine, but was looking for an upgrade with GPS. I'm glad I made the move. The GPS works great. I'm typically picking up satellites before I walk out the door to run. One upgrade I really like is the advanced workout support. I can create all kinds of running workouts in Garmin Training Center and then follow them on the watch. It requires a little prep work, but the watch does the thinking for me during these workouts so I can focus on the work. There seem to be a lot of complaints about the touch bezel. I can't speak to whether the bezel on the 410 is a significant improvement from the 405, but, as for the 410, I actually kind of like it. I've never had any problems with it and I think it's a better way to navigate the loads of features on the watch. Just my 2 cents, but there's a lot of features here and the idea of pushing 10 buttons to get to the feature or screen I want is not too appealing to me. I was concerned about Mac compatibility. Garmin seems to have fixed this as I'm having no problems at all with uploads/downloads, or use of Garmin Training Center or Garmin Connect on my Mac. As for criticisms It's still a pretty big watch. I find myself wearing it some on weekends when I'm not running, but I wouldn't wear it to work or anything. I don't think one would want it any smaller though, as the smaller readouts would be difficult to read. Also, at first glance, charging by way of the clip seemed a little chincy to me but I can't think of a better way to do it and it works just fine. All in all, if you can swing $325 for a well made, functional tool that will make your running more fun (but will not do the running for you and will not make you any faster) I highly recommend this watch.

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