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I got Tomtom XL 330s about 2 weeks ago from Costco. This GPS does take you from point A to point B but it doesn't give you a most efficient dieotcirn. Some of the instances, it gives a shorter route but haven't counter the traffic lights. I used this GPS to show me the map from my house to my work using Fastest Route option. Tomtom's dieotcirn is about 2 miles shorter from my normal route (12.9 vs 15 miles) but it takes highways and inner road, which has a lot of traffic lights. None of the local drivers will take this road. Map Quest, Google Map and Garmin Nuvi 650 are all shown the same dieotcirn. This dieotcirn is a lot more correct and most of the local people will take. Another instance, I tried to use Tomtom to show me the dieotcirn from Fairfax, VA to Harrisburg, PA. Tomtom shows me to take 95 N, and 695 (Baltimore Beltway), and 83 N. There is a lot of traffic on this route from DC to Baltimore and it is 20 miles longer than taking 270 N through Frederick, MD and 15 North through Gettysburg PA. Google Map, Mapquest, and Garmin Nuvi 650 are showed the correct way. But thanks to the Alternate Route Feature to allow me to avoid some certain roads and recalculate the map. Yes it is a nice feature, no doubt about it but if I already know what roads to avoid then I already know my dieotcirn I don't need the GPS or Tomtom suggests me to check mapquest or google map prior to make my trip to find the most efficient road. I feel the algorithm that used to calculate dieotcirn in Tomtom's device is not smart enough to find the shortest route. I am not sure what type of algorithm it used. Beside all that, inquiring the satellite and calculate map are great. It is pretty fast and the design is nice, especially the new style of mount. This GPS does take you from Point A to B but probably not the best route but it does the job. From my opinion, I am going to return this Tomtom GPS and get the Garmin Nuvi 760. Because the Garmin Nuvi 650 s resolution is a lot better than Tomtom and Nuvi 760 is even better. I want a device that I can count on and give me the best dieotcirn. Gas is expensive now a day. I can't sit on the traffic for 20 mins or take a 20 miles longer route. I gave this device 2 star since it has a nice design, great mount, inquiring satellite pretty fast, and does take you from Point A to B.


This is a type B USB cable instead of a type A USB cable. If you cneonct a type B cable, the Nuvi starts up in USB mode. Supposedly, you can hold the bottom left corner of the screen for 15 seconds while powering up to bypass USB mode but I found an easier way. Power up without the cable. Hold down the battery icon for about 5 seconds to enter Diagnostic mode. Connect the cable. Exit Diagnostic mode. Your Nuvi should be in GPS mode now.

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